ECC Ministries


St. Junia’s House, Sacramental Community and Retreat Center

We operate as a small house church and retreat center within a private home. You may be aware that in the first two hundred years of the faith, the earliest Christians also met in homes. We have a dedicated chapel here, and we pray the Mass every week. Our liturgy is inclusive and participatory.

Chaplain: Rev. Martha Rogers
PO Box 3790
Anaheim, CA
Phone: 714-606-4365


Washington State

Good Shepherd Specialized Ministry ECC

Chaplain: Rev. David Gerardot
Mass at: 3:00 pm in Church Library
Address: Located 310 N. K Street, Tacoma WA 98403
Phone: 360-789-5149

The Serenity of Sts. Clair and Francis

Chaplain: Br. Elijah (Richard LeFevre)
Address: Located 2111 Front Street,
NE Building 3, Salem OR 97301
Phone: 360-789-5149