ECC Religious Orders

Franciscans of Reconciliation

We, the Franciscans of Reconciliation of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion, are called to respond to the words of our Lord spoken to Francis of Assisi to “rebuild my Church” by living out the Gospel in our everyday lives and following the example of our founder. In this we strive to be reconcilers with our brothers and sisters and with all of creation which has been misused through sin. With Franciscan joy we go forward to proclaim the Good News, using words only when necessary and asking the Lord, “Make us instruments of your peace.”

Address: Fr. Fred Ball, ofr , Minister General
7916 Harmon Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas 72227

Community of St. Francis

Bishop Raphael Adams, ofr  (Guardian)
Phone: (847) 800-8800

Benedictines of Holy Wisdom

The Benedictines of Holy Wisdom is a communion of dispersed monastic communities and hermitages that are bound together by their fidelity to the 1500 year old Rule of St. Benedict and guided by the teachings of the Gospels. 

As Benedictines, we live the charism of radical hospitality, unity of community, keeping silence, listening with the ear of the heart, humility, Lectio Divina and daily prayers in order to fully live our vows of obedience to the Rule, stability of heart, conversion of life, and non-violent peacemaking in a contemporary society. 

At baptism we make a fundamental commitment to follow Jesus. We promise to be faithful to Jesus’ teachings, to be a member of a faith community and to engage in the mission of the Church. Our promises to the Church and the world are outward expressions of an internal conversion to the way of Christ. Our Benedictine life and commitment are rooted in a similar manner, for St. Benedict had a tremendous love for Christ and saw Christ in all things. Unequivocally, St. Benedict stressed that in all things, “Nothing is to be preferred to Christ.” Thus, monastic living is nothing less than a life centered in Christ.

If you are interested in learning more about the Benedictines of Holy Wisdom, please email Fr. Michael Kieran Seger, OSB, Prior at: