Presiding Bishop
Francis Krebs


Presiding Bishop Francis Krebs is convenor of the Synod and meets with the leadership of both legislative Houses in the Leadership Council. The Presiding Bishop is the ordinary (i.e., diocesan bishop) of the proto-diocese (i.e., original diocese) of the ECC and also the Chair of the Episcopal Council.

The Leadership Council

The Leadership Council includes two representatives from each of the Houses and the Presiding Bishop.

Tom Wilding

House of Laity

Paula Hayford

House of Laity
Vice Chair

Presbyter Mike Bober

House of Pastors

Presbyter Rosa Buffone

House of Pastors
Vice President

Episcopal Council

The Episcopal Council includes acting and retired Auxiliary, Diocesan and Suffragan bishops along with the Presiding Bishop.

Bishop Armando Leyva

Diocesan Bishop of California
Suffragan for Hispanic Affairs

Bishop Kedda Keough

Diocesan Bishop, Pacific Northwest

Bishop Raphael Adams

Diocesan Bishop for
Mid America Region

Bishop Denise Donato

ECC Proto-diocese, Auxiliary Bishop

Bishop Peter E. Hickman

Founding ECC Presiding Bishop, Retired; Auxiliary Bishop, Diocese of California

Bishop Rick Hollingsworth

Suffragan Bishop, Anglican Rite Communities, Retired

Vicars for the Proto-Diocese

Representatives of the Presiding Bishop for specific jurisdictional regions.

Michael Nicosia

Rock Mountain Region

Henry Pruski

East Coast Region

Delores Knopf

Southwest Region

Tomasz Puchalski