Synod Update from bishop Francis

I want to start off with an announcement from the Leadership Council, which is charged with planning our synod for this year: 
“There will be no “in person” gathering for Synod this Fall. However, there will be a Fall Synod; we will gather remotely on Zoom. This remote gathering will happen within the same time frame we had planned (October 12-15 2020), but it is likely to occur over no more than part of two days. The Leadership Council is working to decide the exact date(s) and times of our gathering. We expect it will be a combination of conducting the needed business of Synod and experiencing content, fellowship, and prayer.” 
As you can see there are details still to be worked out and questions still to be answered, e.g., will the next Synod after this year be in 2021 or 2022; would a 2021 synod affect the election of our next presiding bishop in some way; etc.? So, we don’t have everything figured out yet, but we wanted you to have the above information for your planning.